Hot Springs

Grand Public Bath “Yusuigo” Grand Public Bath “Yusuigo”

Outdoor Bath Outdoor Bath

“Seiten” Bath with a View “Seiten” Bath with a View

Outdoor Bath with a View Outdoor Bath with a View

Bubble Bath Bubble Bath

Honkan (main building) 1st & 2nd Basement Floor, Grand Public Bath “Yusuigo”

Big public bath on the basement floor of the main building, equipped with outdoor bath, whirlpool, sauna, etc.
Open 24 hours, but because the lighting will be turned down after 0:00 am, we assume no liability in the case of any accidents.

Honkan (main building) 1st & 2nd Basement Floor, Outdoor Bath

Women's and Men's outdoor baths available.
Hours: 6:30-23:00 (Sometimes rotated)

Annex 16th Floor, “Seiten” Bath with a View

The bathhouse and outdoor bath with a great view are available on the 16th floor of the annex. The height of 60m above ground makes this large bathhouse unparalleled to any other in Japan. In addition, the outdoor bath on the roof features rustic beauty and is a fantastic place to view the mountains of Jozankei and enjoy the starry night.
Bathhouse with a View: Open 24 hours
Outdoor Bath with a View: 6:30~23:00
(9:30and12:00alternating between Men's and Women's baths)

Spring Quality Analysis

Type of spring: Sodium chloride
Benefits: Neuralgia, Muscle pain, Arthritis, etc.
Temperature: 64.3℃(147.7℉)

Guest Rooms

Jozankei View Hotel, composed of the Annex and Honkan (main building), has 647 guest rooms in different types and provides quality accommodation service for up to 2650 guests.

Japanese-style Room Japanese-style Room

Western-style Room Western-style Room

Japanese-Western Style Room Japanese-Western Style Room

Corner Suite (VIP Room) Corner Suite (VIP Room)

Japanese-style Room

The Japanese-style rooms featuring a natural atmosphere are popular for their cozy and comfortable arrangements that allow the guests to completely relax as if at home.

Western-style Room

The western-style twin bed rooms are distinguished with a relaxing air and stylish design.

Japanese-Western Style Room

Combining the relaxing Japanese-style room with the comfortable beds in the western-style room, the mixed style guest rooms will surely satisfy guests' needs in every way.

Corner Suite (VIP Room)

The top-class suite room offers 150 square meters of floor space including a 12 mat big Japanese-style room, and from its huge window, the esteemed guests can enjoy a 180 degree panoramic view of natural landscape.

Room Facilities

TV, refrigerator, safe, heating system, private bath and toilet,


Delightful dining experiences in our restaurant, lounge and Japanese restaurant! A wide variety of gourmets from Japanese cuisine to Chinese and Western cuisine are offered at the dinner buffet and our Japanese restaurant presents a traditional-style Japanese cuisine.

Annex 1st Floor, Restaurant “Grand Chariot” Restaurant “Grand Chariot”

Dinner Buffet Dinner Buffet

Main Building 3rd Floor, Japanese Restaurant “Uraraka“ Japanese Restaurant “Uraraka“

Traditional-style Japanese cuisine. Traditional-style Japanese cuisine.

Annex 1st Floor, Restaurant “Grand Chariot”

The main restaurant with 700 seats total.

Main Building 3rd Floor, Japanese Restaurant “Uraraka”

Uraraka offers dining delights for families and friends in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Lunch menus are also available here.

Main Building 2nd Floor (Lobby Floor), Tea Lounge “Sun River”

A bright and cozy space created by the large glass windows, is great for relaxing. Tea lounge is open between 7:00-18:00, the night lounge between 18:00-21:00.


The pirate ship “Pirates of Lagoon” The pirate ship “Pirates of Lagoon”

The pirate ship “Pirates of Lagoon” The pirate ship “Pirates of Lagoon”

Water Kingdom “Lagoon” Water Kingdom “Lagoon”

Water Kingdom “Lagoon” Water Kingdom “Lagoon”

Shop Shop

Amusement Corner Amusement Corner

Annex 1st Basement Floor, Water Kingdom “Lagoon”

Lagoon is an indoor hot spring amusement park covering an area of 4000 square meters.
The pirate ship “Pirates of Lagoon”, a newly opened attraction in July 2011, offers various exciting ways to play; firing water guns, climbing the mast or water sliding. Even small kids can enjoy themselves with fun and safe activities such as on the seesaw or on swings in the Kids Plaza or Kids Pool. As for those who are looking for speed or thrilling experiences, come and challenge the Wave Pool and Splash River. And don't forget to sooth your tired body in the very relaxing Jacuzzi and bed bath.

Main Building 2nd Floor, Lobby Shop

The lobby shop offers a wide selection of souvenirs, gifts, beverages and travel necessities.
Why don't you drop by while waiting to check-in or check-out?

Main Building 1st Floor, Amusement Corner

The amusement corner is equipped with many different game machines from the UFO catcher to the classic games.

Hotel Information

Hotel Name:
Jozankei View Hotel
Higashi 2-chome 111, Jozankei Onsen, Minami-ku, Sapporo
Guest Rooms:
647 rooms
after 14:00 pm
before 10:00 am
Meals included:
Breakfast & Dinner
FAX, copy, mail service (at a charge), morning call, internet (limited in the lobby area)
Credit Cards:
VISA Master Card AMEX Diners Club Union Pay
New Chitose Airport90 minutes by bushotel
Sapporo→60 minutes by bushotel
Free shuttle bus service available on reservation basis.
The courtesy bus departs from the Backside(southside) of Dohgin Building, Odori-west 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo city at 14:00 pm.

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